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With the sound of the organetto playing Italian folk songs throughout my childhood still resonating in my ear, I have many fond memories of this beautiful instrument playing at family gatherings in Toronto


I can distinctly remember people smiling, laughing and dancing amidst reconnecting with their rich Italian culture. As I became an adult, I felt my Italian roots becoming weaker over time. The hustle and bustle of life became the catalyst for choosing convenience over culture. I suddenly found myself living a life of little culture.


I had been raised with a strong connection to my ancestors and an even stronger connection to my culture. Pasta, Sugo, Tarantella were some of the first words to leave my lips. However, I soon realized that I was becoming a statistic, similar to those before me. I was beginning to leave my culture behind as I assumed the role of living to work.


Suddenly, meals were struck from convenience and music was non-existent. I was saddened about my existence and my inability to continue to indulge in my culture and sharing it with those around me.  Thus, The Organetto Project was born and my existence was redefined. I was devoutly interested in understanding the beauty of the organetto and its power to connect people of all ages to their past and culture. So I picked up an organetto and it immediately sparked a passion. Although, I play many other instruments, and have been playing music for most of my life, the organetto came very naturally to me.

                                                                                                                    Today, I am proud to bring my love and passion for the organetto to your special events and family gatherings Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Caledon, Hamilton, Richmond Hill, Aurora, New Jersey & New York State.


There is no limit to this instrument and its ability to transcend generations. I can be heard connecting people at weddings, birthday parties, engagements, family reunions, picnics, and festivals.

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