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The great Beethoven once said, “To play a wrong note is insignificant, to play without passion is inexcusable” and pure passion is what can be expected when Marco picks up the organetto to begin playing.

Born to parents of Calabrese descent, Marco was first exposed to the organetto as a child on family trip to Italy. Though Marco plays many instruments, it was the unique sound and styling of this particular instrument that would set the tone for what would become the soundtrack of Marco’s passion for the organetto and Italian folk music.


Strumming the melodies of folk artists such as Antonio Serra has brought joy not only to Marco as an artist but to the many for whom he has played over the years. His music leaves his audiences with fond memories deeply rooted in their cultural upbringing; one by which Marco too has been raised. While music is one of Marco’s priorities in life, his highest-ranking priority is his family which he and his loving wife Natalie raise with the same values imparted to them by their parents. He has instilled in his two beautiful children his same hunger for life (along with Calabrese food and wine) and passion for music of all genres.


For Marco, it is about making memories that will last a lifetime for his family and those for which he plays.


Although Marco plays many instruments and has played music for most of his life, the organetto is his greatest musical passion.


Even though musical takes a high priority in his life, Marco is proud that his parents instilled such great family values at a very young age. He instills those same values in his two beautiful children. 


Marco and his family are always found to be sharing great Italian food & wine while making lasting memories with their children.

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